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Contract Manager: Jeff Goldstein, CFO
Phone: 800-442-1205 x350
Email: jeffrey.goldstein@gerimed.com

Customer Service lead: Annette Fiore, Customer Service Manager
Phone: 800-442-1205 x222
Email: annette.fiore@gerimed.com

Quality Assurance Lead: Robert Gomez, Director of Operations
Phone: 800-442-1205 x777
Email: robert.gomez@gerimed.com

Network Administration Lead: Justin Racine, Director of eCommerce
Phone: 800-442-1205 x310
Email: justin.racine@gerimed.com

Compliance Lead: Corey Peyser, EVP
Phone: 800-442-1205 x330
Email: corey.peyser@gerimed.com


Key Contract Contacts

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